5 Things You Can Do for Yourself Post-Breakup

There are a lot of things you can do for yourself after a breakup that aren’t so great for you. Alcohol, binge eating, that impulsive haircut that seemed like such a good idea at the time. . . you know, those kinds of things. Likewise, there are a lot of things you can do after a breakup that simply have to be done. And by this, I mean things like giving back your ex’s things and un-friending them from your Facebook account. But is there anything you can do for yourself after a breakup that would be both enjoyable AND helpful? Of course there is! I’ve put together a list of 25 things you can do for yourself after a breakup that will help with the healing process without ruining your waistline or liver. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with all of them, however, so I’ve split the list up into 5 parts. So what can you do for yourself after a breakup? 1. Get a manicure There is something relaxing and rejuvenating about getting a manicure. And after a breakup, you deserve to feel a bit pampered, so head on out to your favorite salon. Be a bit daring by trying out a new color. Every time you look down at your nails, you’ll be able to smile. 2. Watch a movie with friends After a breakup, it helps to be around people who care about you and a movie night with your friends can be the cure for a lot of sadness. Pop some popcorn, buy a 12-pack of Diet Coke and settle in to watch... read more

4 Things Maya Angelou Teaches Us About Breakups

Inspired by the very recent passing of Maya Angelou, I’ve put together some insightful information for those going through a breakups. Maya didn’t specifically focus on those going through a breakup, but gave amazing inspiration and encouragements as an author and poet. She will be grateful missed but her words will live on to inspire the world. 4 Things Maya Angelou Teaches Us About Breakups 1) “You can’t forgive without loving. And I don’t mean sentimentality. I don’t mean much. I mean having enough courage to stand up and say, ‘I forgive. I’m finished with it.” – Maya Angelou Forgiveness. It’s a tough subject that most seem to skip through when doing self development because they may feel it doesn’t pertain to them. “I understand forgiveness already.” It’s an important aspect of moving on past a relationship. Spending time on forgiveness is all about you… not about your ex. Forgiveness will set you free and help you to feel empowered. It takes strength and effort, but it’s always worth it in the end. 2) “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou A breakup feels like a bit giant defeat. We feel like we’ve been pushed down. Beatin down. We even feel like we’ve been emotionally punched in the gut. Ouch. the defeats of everyday life help us grow. Why wouldn’t a big defeat like a breakup help us grow even more? Bringing determination and your power into your breakup will help you realize that you WILL NOT BE DEFEATED. You will come out of this stronger, happier and healthier than ever before.... read more

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift Lyrics Breakup Song Series

Watch on Youtube I remember when we broke up the first time Saying, “This is it, I’ve had enough,” ’cause like We hadn’t seen each other in a month When you said you needed space. (What?) Then you come around again and say “Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change, trust me.” Remember how that lasted for a day? I say, “I hate you,” we break up, you call me, “I love you.”Ooh, we called it off again last night But ooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling youWe are never ever ever getting back together, We are never ever ever getting back together, You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me But we are never ever ever ever getting back togetherLike, ever…I’m really gonna miss you picking fights And me falling for it screaming that I’m right And you would hide away and find your peace of mind With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine Ooh, you called me up again tonight But ooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling you We are never, ever, ever getting back together We are never, ever, ever getting back together You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me (talk to me) But we are never ever ever ever getting back together Ooh, yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah Oh oh oh I used to think that we were forever ever And I used to say, “Never say never…” Uggg… so he calls me up and he’s like, “I still love you,” And I’m like… “I... read more

End of School Year Breakup: 5 Reasons Why They Aren’t So Bad

The end of the school year has come and gone. Were you one of the unlucky ones dumped at the end of term? If you were then you are now the victim of the age-old ‘end of school breakup’. We’ve all been a victim of that once or twice. It sucks, but the situation isn’t all bad. Here are five reasons why things aren’t actually as bad as they seem. 1.The stress of the break up has likely helped you fit into your summer bikini Summer is coming up and that means it’s bikini and swimsuit season. All of the stress from your recent breakup has probably led you to losing a couple of pounds, so you’re in luck. When everybody else heads to the gym for months of sweat and pain so they can get that ideal body, you’ve already gotten a head start. Which leads me to reason number two. 2.Summer flings: Summer is the best time to have a fling. Everybody is looking for that one fun and easy summer relationship. Now that you’re without a boyfriend, you’re free to take part in all of the summer action. But even if you aren’t the kind of person that takes part in a summer fling, that doesn’t mean this breakup won’t be worthwhile in the end. 3.You deserve someone who wants to be with youThe truth is that if your guy broke up with you at the end of the school year, then he wasn’t worth your time anyways. If your ex doesn’t want to be with you, then why should you want to be with him? Say goodbye... read more

College Breakup: Does Graduating College Mean Breaking up?

College Breakup: Does Graduating College Mean Breaking up? Graduation is a time of change and transition. It is a time when your old life comes to an end and a new life begins. At this time, you may be thinking of all of the things you will leave behind as the school year ends, such as your old campus and friends. But what about your boyfriend? Does leaving college mean leaving your college relationship? Does graduating college mean breaking up too? Not everyone breaks up with their boyfriend once they receive their diploma, but not everyone should keep him around either. It all depends on what you want and how your relationship currently stands. Here are some things to consider. 1) Location After school ends, graduates move into a much bigger world. Do you know where you’re going to live after graduation? Do you know where your boyfriend plans to be? Maybe he still has a year of school left before graduation, but you want to move to a distant city. Would you be okay if your relationship was long-distance? Remember that long-distance relationships can be hard to maintain. Instead of seeing your guy in person every day, as you would in school, you would only see him on weekends and over the occasional vacation. Your dates would handled over Skype or by phone. Some people are capable of keeping relationships strong through these challenges–are you one of those people? Be honest with yourself. 2) Personal Goals Everyone has personal goals for themselves, but sometimes these goals change after we graduate. Now is the time to ask yourself if... read more

4 Ways to Know When You Are Ready to Move On After a Breakup

How Quickly Should you Move on After a Breakup?  If you’ve watched the TV series ‘Sex and the City’ you know Charlotte’s rule: You should take half the length of your relationship and that’s how long it takes to heal from your past relationship. We love Charlotte, but relationships and breakups aren’t always that crystal clear. Each breakup, just like each relationship, is unique. Sometimes we’ve seen them coming a mile away and we were prepared when it actually happened. Other times, we were completely side swiped. We didn’t see it coming and it hurt really bad so the healing time was longer before we could get back on the saddle. Here are 4 ways to Know When You Are Ready to Move On After a Breakup #1 When you see your ex’s best friend, you aren’t charged up to talk about your ex with them. When we still have a good amount of emotion, seeing your ex’s best bud will only ignite all the frustration, anger, and other negative emotions. If you can handle a conversation without feeling pulled under the tide of emotion, then you are probably in a good place with the breakup. You may not be over them completely, BUT you are able to talk to their best friend without feeling upset or wanting to trash talk your ex. You may feel how good it was to see and talk to them. #2 You can visit places that remind you of your ex without realizing it right away. There are some places that just remind you of your ex, especially when you just breakup. You might... read more

Breaking Up – Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

What’s the worst that can happen after a breakup? Seeing your ex with someone new.  When we are still feeling attachment and heavy emotion has found it’s home in the pit in your stomach, it doesn’t take much to feel taken down after a breakup. Seeing your ex with someone new can be the worse situation you could imagine yourself in. When you see your ex being affectionate with another person the way they were with you, it hurts. It really hurts. It digs down into your deepest fear, they are going to move on. Even though we know it’s going to happen eventually, we don’t want them to do it first and we definitely don’t want them to do it in front of us. One of My Breakups I went through a breakup. I saw it coming, not because of us butting heads or wanting different things from life. We were compatible in all the right ways, except our maturity levels and he had an addiction problem. Unfortunately, those are biggies when it comes to a relationship. We both knew it was time to let go. One month after our split, I saw him out. I felt good overall throughout the night. I tried to avoid looking his way. I enjoyed my time with my friends, but as much I didn’t want to admit it, I missed him. It was our thing to go out together to shows. It was my first time going out without him. After the show, I ended up at the same after party as him. There were few people at this gathering and... read more

Get Out, Right Now. It’s the End of You and Me

A good song can make going through a breakup easier. Here is one song that’ll make you feel better. Leave (Get Out)” I’ve been waiting all day for ya babe So won’t cha come and sit and talk to me And tell me how we’re gonna be together always Hope you know that when it’s late at night I Hold on to my pillow tight And think of how you promised me forever (I never thought that anyone) Could make me feel this way (Now that you’re here boy all I want) Is just a chance to say [Chorus] Get Out, (leave) right now, It’s the end of you and me It’s too late (now) and I can’t wait for you to be gone ‘Cause I know about her (who) and I wonder (why) how I bought all the lies You said that you would treat me right but you was just a waste of time (waste of time) Tell me why you’re looking so confused When I’m the one who didn’t know the truth How could you ever be so cold To go behind my back and call my friend Boy you must have gone and bumped your head Because you left her number on your phone (So now after all is said and done) Maybe I’m the one to blame but (To think that you could be the one) Well it didn’t work out that way [Chorus] I wanted you right here with me but I have no choice you’ve gotta leave Because my heart is breakin’ With every word I’m sayin’ I gave up everything I... read more

Dating- Casual Distant Relationships Holding you Back? – Breakup Advice

Is Your Casual, Distant Relationship Holding you Back From Meeting Other Guys? Question: I’ve been dating a guy for about 7 months. It’s not serious because it’s a distant relationship. We talk often and he visits about once a month. We try to keep it casual, but I feel casual – out of town relationship is keeping me from dating anyone else. I am considering breaking things off. Everything I try, he tells me it’s not serious and we can date other people. He talks me into being friends or dating or whatever we are doing right now. Am I way off on thinking that this is closing me off from meeting other guys? Answer: I can tell you are a smart girl. Casual distant relationships can keep you from being open to a new relationship and here is why. When we put our energy into dating someone, distant or not, they are receiving much of our energy. We feel comfortable knowing that they are they to call on. We can make exciting weekend plans. We have someone to call when we have something exciting to share. We have someone to text throughout the day. They serve us in so many ways of being in a partnership, but they aren’t actually a serious partnership. Maybe it would work with this guy if you lived in the same city and maybe it wouldn’t. They fact is, even though you live in different places, he’s probably taking up a lot of your energy without even realizing it. If you were completely single you’d be able to open your heart to attract... read more

My Boyfriend Cheated, Now What? – Breakup Advice

Question: I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year. I love him like crazy. He cheated on me about a month ago. I found out through a friend and he admitted it and apologized. He says that he really wants to be with me. I feel like things have been very different between us since it’s happened. I don’t feel that same strong connection like when we first got together. I just feel unsure if our relationship can handle the cheating. I also don’t feel like I can trust him any more. What do I do? Answer: First off, I want to say that I’m sorry that you were cheated on. It can feel like a blow to the gut. I can understand your confusion. When you really love someone and cheating happens unexpectedly, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with emotion. So what do you do now, you ask?? The low down about cheating… Cheating can happen when the partner involved doesn’t feel as fulfilled in their relationship. This can happen when they aren’t feeling satisfied emotionally, sexually, or even intellectually. You said you haven’t felt as connected to your boyfriend since it happened, but what about before the cheating? Have you felt like things have been ‘good’ between you two? Maybe you’ve noticed that you’ve been pulling away from each other for awhile now. Maybe you don’t want to admit it. The real deal about cheating — It’s mostly used as an exit strategy. Yes, sometimes couples can go on happy after cheating takes place. But most of the time, it’s used as a way to communicate... read more

10 Empowering Breakup Songs

So you are going through a breakup. There are moments when you feel lonely. There are moments when things feel tough. You may be wondering – How do I get through this breakup? Let these empowering breakup songs help move you through your breakup. Some lyrics talk about acting on angry revenge like ‘busting the windows out your car.’ Although these songs are very therapeutic, we know that you know not to act on them. Right? If you feel the urge to act out of anger, just turn up “I Love It” and dance around the house instead. When to listen to these songs: In the car to get you pumped up. When you start contemplating contacting your ex. When you forget why you broke up with your ex. When you just want to feel empowered. Survivor – Destiny’s Child Fighter – Christina Aguilera Stronger – Kelly Clarkson Bust Your Windows – Mercedes (Glee Version) Rumour Has It – Adele Spirit Indestructible – Nelly Furtado Leave (Get Out) – JoJo Stronger – Britney Wide Awake – Katy Perry I Love it – IconaPOP GleeBustYourWindows I hope these songs help you fly through healing from your breakup. **No smashing windows is required for full recovery from your... read more