Halloween Costumes: Become Your Goddess Self

Halloween Costumes: Become Your Goddess Self

We’ve made it halfway through October and Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your Halloween costume chosen yet? If not, I have an original idea for a costume that could help you attract good things in your everyday, uncostumed, un-Halloweeny, life. Interested?

When I was young, I would dress up in the fanciest clothes I could find and pretend I was an adult. I would wear my mother’s high heels and strut around my room, feeling powerful and amazing. Did you ever do anything like that? I’m sure, if you think about it, you have at least one memory that’s similar.

There is power in what we imagine and how we see ourselves. When we see ourselves as weak or insecure, then that is what we become. Similarly, when we see ourselves as powerful and independent, we become powerful and independent. When you “dress for the job you want”, you’re following this same principle. So, why not take this trick and apply it to your Halloween costume?  Then your costume will do double duty as both a fun outfit for a night of partying and a tool of empowerment. That’s called multi-tasking.

One way to do this is by dressing up as your Goddess Self. Don’t know what your Goddess Self is? Your Goddess Self is the most powerful, ideal version of you that exists. She is beautiful and can look however you imagine her. She can be wearing jeans or a floor-length ball gown; full makeup or absolutely no makeup at all–whatever makes you feel utterly amazing, sexy, and confidant.

By imagining and then becoming your Goddess Self, you embrace all that makes you amazing as a person and then dial that amazing-ness up to 11. All of this positive energy makes you feel great about yourself and this confidence will last long after Halloween is over, a fact which will lead to overall improvements in your everyday life. When you’re feeling confident, good things happen and this will lead to you feeling even more confident, thus feeding a cycle of positivity.

This is also a great idea for someone looking to try something different this Halloween or for someone who is putting together a costume at the very last minute. If you can’t find something in your current closet that helps you embody your Goddess Self, then you can find something at any store that sells clothing. It’s an incredibly easy costume and it can lead to some incredible changes in your immediate future. Try it out and tell me how it works for you!