End of School Year Breakup: 5 Reasons Why They Aren’t So Bad

End of School Year Breakup: 5 Reasons Why They Aren’t So Bad

The end of the school year has come and gone. Were you one of the unlucky ones dumped at the end of term? If you were then you are now the victim of the age-old ‘end of school breakup’. We’ve all been a victim of that once or twice. It sucks, but the situation isn’t all bad. Here are five reasons why things aren’t actually as bad as they seem.

1.The stress of the break up has likely helped you fit into your summer bikini Summer is coming up and that means it’s bikini and swimsuit season. All of the stress from your recent breakup has probably led you to losing a couple of pounds, so you’re in luck. When everybody else heads to the gym for months of sweat and pain so they can get that ideal body, you’ve already gotten a head start. Which leads me to reason number two.
2.Summer flings: Summer is the best time to have a fling. Everybody is looking for that one fun and easy summer relationship. Now that you’re without a boyfriend, you’re free to take part in all of the summer action. But even if you aren’t the kind of person that takes part in a summer fling, that doesn’t mean this breakup won’t be worthwhile in the end.
3.You deserve someone who wants to be with youThe truth is that if your guy broke up with you at the end of the school year, then he wasn’t worth your time anyways. If your ex doesn’t want to be with you, then why should you want to be with him? Say goodbye to a relationship that wouldn’t have gone anywhere special and start looking to the future.
4.He was holding you back. Because if your relationship wasn’t heading anywhere special–and how could it have when he wouldn’t stay with you after the end of term?–then the relationship was actively keeping you from reaching your full potential. Now that you are free of your ex, you can do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.
5.You are now free to start a new chapter in your life.
No matter what you do now that you are free of your ex, you will be doing what you want to do. You can go out with friends whenever you want and make decisions with only yourself in mind. Maybe you could start a new hobby, go on a road trip across the country, or learn how to scuba dive. Maybe you can even find another boyfriend–a better one that will stick around. This is a new era in your life, so you should enjoy it to its fullest!

But forcing your heart to get over a relationship doesn’t always work out as easily as it should. So if you find yourself feeling miserable and grieving your past relationship, then head on over to breakupschool.com where you can learn how to get over your ex in a quick and healthy way.



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