Breakup Recovery Program Helps You Find the Perfect Partner

Breakup Recovery Program Helps You Find the Perfect Partner


I’m Janelle Klander and I am a coach, a healer, and a wedding officiant. My main goal is to empower women to live their dream lives and inspire them to be authentic. I decided to specialize in breakups because so many people were coming to me that were still stuck in a past relationship and their past relationship was affecting their present and their future. Not just in relationships, but in other areas of their life. I wanted to help these people, give them an easier way, an easier process to get through this healing.

I’ve had over a decade of experience with breakups and I’m really grateful for all of those relationships and all the breakups. They’ve taught me so much. Looking back on that, I wish that I was given a process. I wish that I was given encouragement and empowerment, as opposed to feeling like a failure.

Essentially people want to be with a partner. We have that yearning. We want to be with somebody. We want to share these experiences in life. But if you’re repeating the same patterns over and over again then you’re not going to have that opportunity to do that. You’re going to keep dating that same person. Or the same things are going to come up for you.

So if you’re really serious about meeting that perfect partner then you have to do internal work. I created this program “Free Yourself From Your Ex in 30 Days or Less” because I wanted to give people an opportunity to move through their breakup in an easy, quick way instead of taking a year or more.

I’m really excited about having a digital program because I can literally reach anyone in the world and I can reach an unlimited amount of people with these same concepts and exercises and strategies. The only thing a person needs for this program is internet access. They do it at their own pace and then they can go through the healing process. It’s available now for purchase at

You can either have a breakdown or a breakthrough. It is always your choice.