Breakup Horoscopes: Moving On for the 12 Sun Signs

Breakup Horoscopes: Moving On for the 12 Sun Signs

Breakups are difficult to go through for everyone, but everyone deals with them differently. How do the twelve different sun signs react to the end of a relationship and is there any advice that can be given for each type?

Aries: Your breakups may be characterized by thunder and vengeance, but they also pass quickly. If you are the dumper, you will want to get revenge on your ex then move on. And if you are the dumpee, you will still somehow get revenge on your ex and move on. The keyword here is to get active. Once you find something to do or a new goal to go after, you’ll be fine. And, if possible, try to avoid revenge as best you can as well.

Taurus: You like structure and a schedule so you tend to hang on to things longer than most. As a Taurus, you are most likely not the one that initiated this breakup either, unless you were really pushed. If your ex hasn’t discussed this breakup in advance, you are likely feeling extremely resistant to it as well. Just this once, try to let things go gracefully. Realize that there is nothing you can do and that change is okay. As a Taurus, once you decide to give up on a relationship, there will be no turning back.

Gemini: You will argue with your ex and with yourself. There may be some confusion about whether your breakup is actually the end of your relationship, since you will no doubt feel a great deal of resistance to the idea. You may very well talk the breakup to death. This confusion and excess of talk is the way that Gemini deal. Gemini need to talk things through, with themselves and with others. Just let yourself deal with your healing process as it happens.

Cancer: Your breakup will be epic. It doesn’t matter if you are the one that ended it or if you’re the one that’s been dumped, you will feel equally as wronged. After a breakup, you will no doubt retreat and not be seen for a while and once you return things still won’t be great. Crabs cling and Cancerians are no different. Don’t isolate yourself for too long, however. Get back out with other people and you’ll soon be able to put your breakup behind you..

Leo: You have quite a bit of pride and this breakup will wound that pride. Due to this you will see your ex as the worst human being to ever walk the Earth and will talk about him as such. And once you have decided on how to react to a breakup, you are committed to that path. Step away from the situation for a bit and go do something different. By getting out and doing something, you should be able to get over the breakup much more quickly.

Virgo: Once in a relationship, Virgo’s feel passionately. And as a Virgo, when going through a breakup you will be prone to looking for the logic and for obsessing over the little details. You will ask yourself over and over what you did or said wrong. But obsessing about your past relationship is a waste of time. Instead, look to the future and ask yourself what you could do differently with a new partner.

Libra: Libra is a sign that is all about relationships, so this breakup will feel like an especially harsh failure to you. Because of this belief that a breakup is a personal failure, Libras are also especially bad about letting go of a relationship that isn’t working. And when they do accept that a breakup has happened, the pain will linger. As a Libra, you will express this pain only in private and avoid all of the many places that remind you of your ex. The key is to not let the pain fester. As an air sign, Libras need to get out and meet new people to truly get over the pain of a breakup.

Scorpio: As a Scorpio, you feel things intensely and so will experience this breakup with just as much intensity. You may be tempted to break things or, at the very least, retreat from the world for a bit. Don’t do this! Instead, spend some time in places that you enjoy and remind yourself of all the reasons being single isn’t so bad.

Sagittarius: People born under Sagittarius tend to move on from relationships rather quickly due to their free-spirit natures. Of course, when you aren’t moving on quickly, you’re dragging your feet because you don’t know what you truly want. But if you’re dragging your feet through a breakup, you obviously have no strong feelings about the relationship, so it would be best to let it go. Either way, the best way to move on for a fire sign is always action. So, go do something!

Capricorn: The breakup has probably taken awhile. Maybe it’s involved a lot of conversation or maybe the goodbyes have just been really drawn out. If being dumped, you have maybe attempted negotiation and offered the other person various incentives to try again. As an earth sign, the best advice is to forget about all of your attempts to keep the relationship going. That relationship is in the past and you need to begin planning for the future.

Aquarius: You can’t stand making a scene and the breakup was most likely agreed upon by both of you because you love logic and it made sense to move on. As an Aquarius, while you might not be the best at intimacy, you make a great friend. Therefore, you may want to be friends with your ex after the breakup. If you are the dumper, give the other person a chance to get their heads on straight first before offering your hand in friendship. If you are the dumpee, reverse that advice and give yourself some time.before deciding whether you really can be friends with your ex.

Pisces: Your romantic soul may be hurt by the loss of a romantic relationship, but you know deep down that they weren’t “the one” so you’ll be able to move on. The problem may come from if you still feel like they need you. As a Pisces, you can’t resist anybody who needs you, so if you feel your ex could still benefit from your presence it will be especially hard to get over them. Just tell yourself, that if they still needed you, they wouldn’t have broken up with you and you will be able to move on freely.


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