Breakups are tough, right?

As a Coach and Energy Healer I hear all too often that old or recent relationships are holding my clients back.

It’s not common to know how to heal and transition out of a relationship, yet almost everyone alive has experienced a relationship that has ended.

It’s a trauma And it sucks. 🙁


I’ve been through all sorts of relationships ending over the past 17 years. Sometimes I ended, other times they ended it, and a few times I was cheated on. These experiences wrapped up with my journey as a Coach and Healer, I give to you = Breakup School.

I think back to my first breakup..

If I would have known these concepts, ideas, and tools in the system that I’ve created – I would have saved so much hopelessness and depression.

Now I help others move on with their lives after a breakup. I bring people from feeling lonely and helpless —-> to confident, vibrant and free! Many people come to me because they don’t want to waste any more time feeling lonely. They are ready to take action to have a life they love and enjoy once again. This is an option for you too. But it’s got to be your choice.

There is a way to feel good about your life. There is a way to free yourself from the constant thoughts of your ex and doubts about the relationship. Isn’t it time you move forward and get that fabulous life you want and deserve?

I am here to take your hand and walk you through your breakup quickly and easily…. and confidently as no one has to know you are getting help.

Message me at [email protected] to set up a free  30 min ‘Breakup Healing Coaching Call.”

Sending you lots of love and support,

Janelle Klander