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September 17, 2014

25 Things You Can Do Post-Breakup: Part 4

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This is the fourth week of the ongoing series, 25 Things You Can Do For Yourself Post-Breakup. By now you should have a good idea that doing something for yourself post-breakup is the best way to begin getting over your past relationship quickly and with the least amount of pain.

 If you missed the previous weeks or would like to remind yourself of my other suggestions, head on back to weeks One, Two, and Three.


To continue with our list, here are five more things you can do for yourself that will make the healing process after a breakup that much easier.

 16) Read a book

Escape from the world for a little bit by reading a book. Interested in a story with a powerful leading lady? Books like that will help you remember how strong you are and make you realize that you too can defeat any obstacle. Or maybe you want to read a sad or romantic book? These kinds of stories can be great if you are looking to have a good cry. Releasing the negative emotions you’ve been feeling by doing this is always more helpful than you would expect.

 17) Journaling

Or if reading isn’t your thing, why don’t you try writing in a journal? Journaling is another great way to cleanse yourself of negative emotions. Find an empty notebook and just write the first thing that comes to mind. That thought will then lead to another and soon you will be releasing all of your pain and anger in a flood of words. When the words stop, you’ll be in a much better place emotionally.

 18) Create a vision board

Another option is to create a vision board. What do you want your life to look like now that your relationship is over? Do you want to focus on your education? Your health? Your social life? Breakups are a natural time to reevaluate goals and your current situation. Very likely, your ideas about what you want have changed over the course of your past relationship, so take a moment to figure out where you want to go before heading off into a new chapter of your life.

 19) Plan a photoshoot

Another creative idea for a post-breakup pick-me-up is to plan a photoshoot! Get dressed up in your best outfit and strike a pose in front of the camera. It’s a great way to feel both beautiful and powerful–two feelings that might be missing from your life during a time when you could be spending hours eating pizza and crying on the couch. As a bonus, you’ll need a friend to work the camera, so you can reconnect with your social circle at the same time.

 20) Laughter yoga

Everyone’s heard of yoga and the benefits it can have. But have you heard of laughter yoga? It’s a new thing in which laughter becomes exercise. It’s a great way to raise your spirits post-breakup and try something new at the same time. Laughter yoga is also taught in cities across the globe, so there’s a good chance you can try it out somewhere near you. For more information, go to

 Like always, the latest installment of this list should include at least one thing that anyone can try. And even if you’re not really sure, you can still try something from this list anyway. Trying new things after a breakup is a great way to get back out there and take charge of your life again.

However, if you’ve gone through and tried all of these options and still don’t feel any better about your breakup, you might want to talk to someone about what is holding you back. For those that need to talk to someone but don’t know who, I’m now offering Free Relationship Consultations. This offer will only be around for a limited time though, so take advantage of it while you can.


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Breakup Recovery Program Helps You Find the Perfect Partner

September 10, 2014 by Kelsey Macdonald | 0 comments

I’m Janelle Klander and I am a coach, a healer, and a wedding officiant. My main goal is to empower women to live their dream lives and inspire them to be authentic. I decided to specialize in breakups because so many people were coming to me that were still stuck in a past relationship and their past relationship was affecting their present and their future. Not just in relationships, but in other areas of their life. I wanted to help these people, give them an easier way, an easier process to get through this healing.

I’ve had over a decade of experience with breakups and I’m really grateful for all of those relationships and all the breakups. They’ve taught me so much. Looking back on that, I wish that I was given a process. I wish that I was given encouragement and empowerment, as opposed to feeling like a failure.

Essentially people want to be with a partner. We have that yearning. We want to be with somebody. We want to share these experiences in life. But if you’re repeating the same patterns over and over again then you’re not going to have that opportunity to do that. You’re going to keep dating that same person. Or the same things are going to come up for you.


So if you’re really serious about meeting that perfect partner then you have to do internal work. I created this program “Free Yourself From Your Ex in 30 Days or Less” because I wanted to give people an opportunity to move through their breakup in an easy, quick way instead of taking a year or more.


I’m really excited about having a digital program because I can literally reach anyone in the world and I can reach an unlimited amount of people with these same concepts and exercises and strategies. The only thing a person needs for this program is internet access. They do it at their own pace and then they can go through the healing process. It’s available now for purchase at You can either have a breakdown or a breakthrough. It is always your choice.


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August 13, 2014

25 Things You Can Do Post-Breakup: Part 3

All rights reserved. 2014

All rights reserved. 2014

Have you just gone through a breakup? If you have, then please give yourself some time to grieve the relationship and be emotional. Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend is difficult and it’s best to let those emotions out. Sooner rather than later, however, you will have to get back out into the world and move on with your life. And the best way to do so is to do something for yourself after a breakup.

 I’ve compiled a list of 25 things you can do for yourself after a breakup. But, just so you don’t feel like you have to do everything at once, I’ve split that list into 5 parts. This is Part Three. If you’d like to read previous parts, head on over to Parts One and Two.

But let’s get back to the list. Here are 5 more things you can do for yourself post-breakup.

11) Dance

Get up, turn on some music, and dance to the beat. Dancing combines the benefits of both exercise and music. And by that I mean, the movement of your body will help you lose weight and reduce stress, while the music pumps you up emotionally. For added benefit, make sure the music is properly empowering. Some feel good lyrics are just what you need.

 12) Hug someone

When feeling emotional after a breakup, who wouldn’t want a good hug? Find a friend or a family member and give them a squeeze. It’s emotionally affirming to know that you have someone in your life who will just give you a hug whenever you need it. Also, getting a hug will boost happiness levels and reduce any feelings of loneliness or anger that you might be feeling.

 13) Go to a concert

Yet another way to enjoy the helpful benefits of music is by going to a concert. Going to a concert isn’t a solo activity either, which can only be a good thing after a bad breakup sends you into hiding. So gather together some friends and enjoy rocking out to some of your favorite music in a crowd of excited people. Just the energy of the crowd will go a long way to distracting yourself from that relationship that you are trying so hard to forget ever happened.

 14) Spend time in nature

Another option is to spend time in nature. There’s just something really relaxing about it. So go down to the park, or the river, maybe the beach–anywhere where you can be alone in the natural world. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the wind rustling the trees, and just let yourself be for at least an hour. After that hour goes by, you’ll be feeling much better about your place in the world.

 15) Do yoga

Or if spending time in nature isn’t your thing, then why don’t you try out some yoga moves? It’s equally relaxing and it’s great for your body as well. It calms stress and anxiety, centers you emotionally, and is a great distraction from all of the drama of your breakup.

 This part of the list should include at least one thing for everyone to try. And the best part? Once you’ve done something for yourself, you should be feeling at least a little better about your breakup. If nothing else, you should feel a little more in control of your emotions and that’s always a step in the right direction.

However, if you’ve gone through and tried all of these options and still don’t feel any better about your breakup, you might want to talk to someone about what is holding you back. For those that need to talk to someone but don’t know who, I’m now offering Free Relationship Consultations for anyone who’s interested. This offer will only be around for a limited time though, so take advantage of it while you can.

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July 23, 2014

25 Things to Do For Yourself Post-Breakup: Part 2

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

In a relationship you spend a lot of time doing things for your significant other. And that’s fine! But once you’ve gone through a breakup and that person is out of your life then it’s time to stop putting them first. Now it is all about you and to begin practicing that, start by doing something just for yourself after your breakup.

I’ve made a list of things you can do after a breakup to help you with this, broken into a series of five parts. Of the series, this is Part 2. If you’re interested in learning about more things you can do for yourself after a breakup, head on back to Part 1. After reading that, you can continue reading here.

Some more things you can do for yourself post-breakup are:

6) Go for a walk

Get out in the fresh air by taking a walk. Whether the walk is long or short, the act of stretching your legs and moving around will help push all of the doubts and fears and pain of your breakup to the side for a little bit and clear your head. Going for a walk will also be exercise so it will do both you, and your body, some good.

7) Go shopping

Another option is to get out your wallet and head for the shops for some retail therapy. Shopping is a great distraction from a breakup and can be a lot of fun. Buy yourself a new dress, a nice necklace, or an interesting book. You don’t want to go crazy and start throwing your money away, but spending some time inside your favorite stores and enjoying yourself can be surprisingly helpful after a breakup.

8) Meditate

If shopping isn’t your thing, then you can also try meditation. Find a comfortable place in a quiet and dimly lit room. Sit or lay down and concentrate on your breathing. As thoughts come up, acknowledge them and then set them aside. Keep this up for at least five minutes if you’re new to meditation or keep going for as long as you’d like. When you finally come back to reality, you’ll be relaxed and ready to face the world again.

9) Listen to music

If you’re not the quiet, contemplative type, then why don’t you listen to some music? Head into your room and blast your radio. Or, if the noise level is an issue, then put on some headphones and listen to your iPod. Dance if you want to, or sing along to your favorite songs. This is a great way to pump yourself up and get you feeling good again.

10) Play board games

It’s always good to be social after a breakup, so another thing you could do is invite some friends over and have a game night. Play board games like Life and Monopoly, roll out the Twister mat and get bendy, or maybe start a game of charades and do impressions of your favorite celebrities. Overall, just have fun and forget about your ex for a while.

This list should include something for everyone to try at least once. And, once you’ve done something for yourself, you should be feeling at least a little better about your breakup. After all, you’re proving that you can be good to yourself and move on with your life.

However, if you’ve gone through and tried all of these options and still don’t feel any better about your breakup, you might want to talk to someone about what is holding you back. For those that need to talk to someone but don’t know who, I’m giving Complimentary Clarity Sessions for anyone who’s interested. Normally a Session like this would cost around $90, but today I’m offering it for free!

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July 2, 2014

5 Reasons to Turn Around your Finances After a breakup!

I left an 8 year marriage to start from scratch in 2008. I made many financial mistakes getting into and out of that relationship including marrying $60,000 worth of debt and not paying attention to countless red flags. I also learned some incredible lessons from paying that debt off in 2 years to thriving financially after the relationship ended.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. We are only to pay attention.

You may be worried or heartbroken or both. You’re possibly kicking yourself either for not noticing the red flags in your relationship sooner or for not behaving differently somehow to save the relationship.

Stop that now. Stop blaming yourself for everything. It’s time to treat yourself with kindness, sweetheart!

One of the biggest worries for women after a breakup is financial. It is also the #1 reason we stay in toxic relationships much longer than we should.

Assuming you are newly or not-so-newly single…where do you go from here?

One of the most satisfying things you can do is take care of yourself financially. Nothing gives you inner strength quite like being the Hero of your own life. It’s not as hard as you think.

This the best time for reflection and figuring out who you really are and who you want to be.

There is nothing quite as sexy as a confident and vibrant woman who takes care of her own business.

Use this time as a gift to yourself. Your life is worth this effort. Nurture your financial well-being. Here are the reasons why:

1) Debt-Free and Worry-Free: Getting your financial house in order by eliminating debt is a big step to creating more space in your life. Just think of all the energy that gets wasted in worrying about money. This energy drains from your life in the form of guilt, shame, self-loathing, regret, fear, and anxiety.

It is time to clean house and let light in.

2) Freedom of choice: There is nothing quite like feeling in control of your money. It frees your mind and unleashes your creativity. The whole world opens up when your mind is free.

You will get more ideas. You will have the option to choose what you want to do and where you want to live…instead of having all your choices dominated by the lack of money.

Remember you are in the driver’s seat of your life. Turn the key and take charge.

3) Self-Worth: Although your self-worth has nothing to do with your net worth, your Net worth has everything to do with your self-worth. You will never have more money than you think you deserve.

Use this time for self-care and self-development. Believe in yourself and your abilities to achieve anything you desire. You are powerful beyond imagination. Take a chance of yourself! As you do this, money will flow into your life.

4) Princess to the rescue: You are the Hero you’ve been waiting for…Princess Charming. What do you wish for?

There is power in declaring what you want. Write down your top 3 goals for the next 6 months. Take one action toward each goal today…no matter how small the action.

Energy flows where attention goes! Do not depend on anyone for financial well-being, ever! This is how women give their power away to others. It is much sexier to desire a man than need him to take care of you financially.

5) Love life and be happy: Money can be fun. Really! Change how you think about it. It is a game. Play it with love and have fun. Enjoy earning money. Enjoy saving it. Spend consciously on what you love.

Make a list of things that make you happy and do at least one of those things daily. It could be being out in the sunshine, walk in the park, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend, taking a yoga class.

Your relationship with money has its roots in your relationship with yourself. Improve one and you’ll improve the other.


BIO: Jessica is a Life & Freedom Coach. She is on a mission to help people live Rich and Happy lives. Sign up for free tips at Follow her on Twitter @_jessica_gill

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